Honasan: “We Need More Climate Change Crusaders”

United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) Vice Presidential bet Senator Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan II today called the public’s attention on the worsening state of the country’s environment and the aggravating effects of climate change.

Honasan, stressed that there should be a stronger public participation in stirring awareness about the consequences of climate change.

“I would agree with Nobel prize winner, former Unites States Vice President Al Gore, that we must develop people power to call for more public awareness on climate change and push for renewable sources of energy like solar, wind, and possibly, wave technology to be alternative sources of power,” Honasan said.

Honasan, who hails from the Bicol Region, which was awarded for having the Best Disaster Response Practice, said the “present generation should not only focus on the protection of the environment, but also in balancing public interest and the climate change issue.”

He added: “If we can protect our environment and at the same time balance public interest, this can very well be translated to public policy.”

In terms of local response, Honasan lauded the efforts undertaken by incumbent current disaster managers to help improve disaster response protocol.

Honasan who is a known environmental advocate, served as one of the principal authors of the Clean Air Act and Solid Waste Management Act. He is also one of the proponents who is pushing for the passage of the Land Use Policy bill in the Senate.

However, Honasan recommends that the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) focus more on improving its coordinating mechanisms to make sure that disaster protocols are properly implemented by all local executives and barangay officials.