Honasan: TV AD Not Meant at Mudslinging

United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) vice presidential bet Senator Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan II today said his latest political television commercial (TVC), which started airing on national television on Tuesday, is not meant for mudslinging at anyone.

 “This is not intended to attack anyone, but rather to present what we believe is the right response and solution to grievous problems facing our country today,” Honasan said.

Honasan said his TVC was intended to deliver his key messaging and personal belief that poverty is the root cause of the country’s problems on criminality.

He said that, “if we address poverty in our society, then the problem of criminality would be impacted positively. Of course, we understand that this is a long term solution for the immediate future.”

Honasan expressed confidence that he and UNA running-mate Vice President Jejomar Binay will win the May national elections. “And we intend to take steps to restore peace and order in our communities. We will make certain that our law enforcement personnel will be better equipped, better trained, highly motivated, and more disciplined.”

The Bicolano Solon  also ensured that the rules of engagement under the Binay-Honasan administration will be very clear, and if the lives of the law enforcers or innocent bystanders are put at risk, the use of lethal force will be enforced.

“If these criminals will surrender, we will read them their rights. If they resist, then we will do what is necessary to stop them. But definitely under Binay-Honasan administration, summary execution will not be tolerated,” Honasan added.