Gringo Honasan on Wiretapping of Suspected Drug Lords

“Wiretapping of suspected members of illegal drugs syndicates a timely and important piece of legislation” – Honasan

Acknowledging the relentless efforts done by Duterte administration to curb illegal drugs in the country, Senator Gregorio B. Honasan II highlighted today the need to upgrade countermeasures against the problem which is being considered as the most serious ill in the society today.

In his bill, An Act Authorizing the Wiretapping, Interception, Surveillance and Recording of Communications of Pushers, Manufacturers, Cultivators, Importers and Financiers of Dangerous Drugs, Honasan believes that it is about time that our government does something that will fully solve the illegal drug trade.

“Like terrorism, illegal drug trade cannot be treated with kid gloves. It has destroyed the future of promising young men and women, destroyed families and inflicted the most brutal and horrific crimes on society,” Honasan said.

Honasan said that the administration of President Duterte is in the right track in its illegal drugs campaign but it still needs a viable support from the other branches of the government to enhance its capability in law enforcement and effective investigative tools.

“We need to amend the law for this purpose because restrictions imposed by the Anti-Wiretapping Act of 1965 continue to bar the use of judicially authorized interception of criminal communications and procedures,” Honasan added.

In the United States, wiretapping has been used to solve major crimes such as homicide, illegal gambling, terrorism and drug trafficking. Data shows that 8 out of 10 wiretapping orders issued by the US courts involved narcotics.

“Wiretapping may help to establish the flow of drugs and how they are managed from the source to the market,” Honasan said.

Honasan added: “The Philippine government must bring the war against illegal drugs to the ring leaders. Even as we cut off the tentacles of the drug menace, we need to draw up measures to strike at the head. It is a proven experience by other countries and it goes beyond identifying the drug lords.”